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Life Without EdA practical informative & even entertaining book about eating disorder recovery by Jenni Schaefer based on her work with Thom Rutledge.
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About Embracing Fear

The most amazing thing about Thom Rutledge is that you learn from him, you grow from your experience, and all the while you remain totally entertained. This is true whether you are sitting with him in a therapy session, a member of an audience, or reading his books. Besides his formidable skills and talent as a clinician, Thom is a hell of an entertainer and a tremendous writer.

- Jay Tyler Creator of Meditation Monthly

Praise for Embracing Fear...

Take a wonderful journey through and beyond your fear with Thom. You'll enjoy your time with him and learn something practical and valuable about one of our greatest enemies in life -- all the boogeymen in our heads.

-Melody Beattie
Author of Choices and Codependent No More

Embracing Fear is an insightful, moving and gracious book. Thom Rutledge understands that fear, like self-consciousness, is part of what it means to be human, so he engages it creatively as a force in life. Reading this book was for me a deeply enriching experience.

-John Shelby Spong
Author of A New Christianity for a New World

Thom Rutledge has written a clear guide that shows how to turn fear into a powerful resource in our lives. He draws on his expertise and life experience to help us avoid the destructive consequences of anxiety and unwarranted fear while finding the valuable lessons true fear holds for each of us. Readers will live life a bit more fully with each chapter.

-Gavin de Becker
Author of The Gift of Fear and Fear Less

Embracing Fear offers tools and encouragement to help us face, understand and learn from the walls of fear that keep us from moving forward in our lives.

-Debbie Ford
Author of Secret of the Shadow

Thomís writing is not only insightful and honest, it is useful for all of us longing, learning and sometimes struggling to lead ordinary human lives, consciously. I use Thomís insights and meditations in my own quest for self-knowledge and in my work with others.
-Oriah Mountain Dreamer
Author of The Invitation and The Dance

Book Description

Fear takes many forms --- dread, worry, panic, anxiety, self-consciousness, superstition, negativity --- and manifests itself in many ways --- avoidance, procrastination, judgment, control, agitation, and perfectionism, to name a few. Fear is our constant companion. It haunts us day and night and prevents us from living to our potential. Whether we are afraid of the dark or of being alone, failure or commitment, public speaking or flying, fear dominates our lives, affecting nearly every decision we make.

Embracing Fear challenges us to confront and move beyond the destructive control of unhealthy fear. Utilizing the acronym F-E-A-R, psychotherapist Thom Rutledge maps out a step-by-step methodology:

Instead of repressing or ignoring the voices of panic and dread, we learn that it is only through facing, exploring, accepting, and responding to fear that we free ourselves from its paralyzing grip. Combining compelling stories from the authorís twenty-year practice, examples from his own struggles with addiction and depression, and practical exercises and tools, Embracing Fear does not pretend to teach the impossible (eliminating fear), but rather shows us that once we understand it we can live beyond its tyrannical control. This powerful life-transforming guide is for everyone who worries about the what-ifís, but is ready and willing to triumph over fearís pervasive presence once and for all. Embracing Fear Now In Paperback!

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